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Platinum VIP

September 28, 29, & 30

$499.00 USD

This is for the go-getter who wants more hands on instruction with the opportunity for immediate implementation.

The full Platinum VIP package includes:

An Irresistible Offer & all the components to make that offer profitable

  • Includes everything offered in General Admission

  • Solidify Your Unique Niche

  • Structure Your Q4 Offer especially for your niche

  • Add additional value to your Q4 offer

  • Develop the selling Script & promotional method & content for Your Q4 Offer

  • Learn How to Create DIY Graphics for Your Q4 Offer

  • Learn How to Create a DIY Landing Page for Your Q4 Offer

  • An Irresistible Promo Video for your Q4 Offer

  • An Irresistible Photo Shoot to go along with your Q4 offer (includes make-up artist)

  • An Irresistible Bonus Gift by one of our sponsors


General Admission

September 29 & 30

$129.00 USD

Access to all general sessions and Next Level Shift Book Launch

Tentative Topics

Keynote Speaker: Cheryl Wood
Speak Your Way to a Million Dollar Empire

  • Conference Visionary: Ranelli Williams
    Multilevel Marketing Success Strategies:
    The Dissertation Results

  • Conference Visionary: Kim Jones
    It's Already in your Hands: Use it!

  • Conference Visionary: Donna Izzard
    IdentiTEA Mindset: The Entrepreneur's
    Blueprint to Unstoppable Profits

  • Featured Speaker: Nyala Phillip
    Get Paid to Market Your Message

  • Featured Speaker: Tara Darnley
    Launch & Sell Your Products on Amazon Successfully

  • Featured Speaker: Frederick Jones
    The Six-Figure Story System

  • Featured Speaker: Diane Simovich
    Building a Duplicatable and Sustainable Business Platform

  • Ambassador Panel Moderator: Erika Etienne
    Power Principles: Essentials of Being a Dynamic Woman

  • Co-Author Panel Moderator: Audra Upchurch
    Successfully Launch, Promote & Profit from Your Book

Surprise MC

Lunch on your own or purchase your meal ticket

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Ticket Purchases are NON-Refundable.

However, credits and transfers will be processed until Monday, September 24, 2018 upon request at info@liftmovement.com.

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  #LIFTCon2017 Was an amazing opportunity to serve, connect,& learn. VIP Day was everything! To have the heavy hitting Coaches available to sit and help me with my vision was such a gift! The weekend was God inspired and the Worship was great and helped me feel connected. There were private moments with other Ambassadors and Guest that was priceless. We poured into each other during and after conference moments. I left with tangible tools to help me make my vision clearer. I continue to work with the tools even now. Entrepreneurship is not easy, so Conferences like L.I.F.T. are making a Powerful Impact! I am grateful for every Speaker, Coach, Leader, and most of all our conference visionaries Ranelli Williams & Kim Jones...with the addition of Donna Hicks Izzard to the Leadership Team, all I can say is the best is yet to come! LIFTCon 2018! ~ Star Holmes-Word


#LIFTCon2017 was an AMAZING experience for me! During Friday's #VIPDay I expressed how excited I was, and how I came expecting...I wasn't sure how God was going to use this Conference in my life, I just knew He was. For me, this was a weekend of fellowship, business connections, collaborations, and hard truths. One of my biggest takeaways? The fact that I own a business but wasn't IN BUSINESS. #LIFTCon2017 changed that! Since then, I have created my Business Plan, Budgets, Mission Statement and more. Thank you, Ranelli Williams and Kim Jones for allowing God to use you both, seeing the vision and implementing it so Entrepreneurs like myself can be 'in decency and in order'! 
~ Diane Antley, AnewYou Travel


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